Client Testimonials

Here’s what clients said about their experience working with me:

Working with Paul is an easy and seamless process. He keeps us involved during every step, making a big job seem very palatable and realistic to accomplish.

Joelle Cope

Even under a quick deadline, Paul provided us with a very professional set of printed marketing pieces for our event.

Andrea Johnson

I approached Paul because I had worked with him in the past both for individual projects and for Palaceburn-related work. He helped me by working on a t-shirt design that the band will be using in our new run of merchandise for sale at shows and online. The result was a t-shirt design that was well-made and well-liked by all the band members.

One thing I liked was his review and revisions process. He made changing the designs very easy and worked well within our requests. I found the experience very simple and effective. It was a truly business-oriented interaction.

I would recommend Paul to people who need any kind of graphic design work done.

Jonah Kazman Jonah Kazman of the band Palaceburn

I worked with Paul as a freelance digital art director at Ogilvy Commonhealth in Parsippany. He’s a sought after, talented digital designer and art director with excellent computer AND people skills who also happens to be a talented fine artist. A total gentleman with a quiet demeanor, Paul is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Jim Sullivan