Professional Resume

Status: Not Seeking New Roles (as of Q3 2020)

Work History

WordPress EngineerNBA2020present
Web DeveloperPalantir2018present
Lead Front End DeveloperRealogy20172020
Interactive Art DirectorOgilvy Health20162017
Graphic DesignerMcCann Echo20162017
Graphic Designer, Web DeveloperOSG Billing Services20152016
Web Designer, Web DeveloperKaast Machine Tools20142015
Graphic DesignerSports Reports Press20132014
Graphic DesignerSpirit Media Group20122014
Imaging ArtistBarksdale Portraits20132013
Web Designer, Machine OperatorFolsom Tool20112013
Graphic DesignerThe Vine20102013
Graphic Designer, Web DeveloperThe Communitarian20112011
Web Designer, Web DeveloperFreelance2009present


Course/MajorSchool/Learning PlatformStartEnd
Docker in Depth learning pathCloud Academy2020present
The Complete Node.js CourseCodeWithMosh.com20192019
Complete SQL MasteryCodeWithMosh.com20192019
JavaScript for WordPressJavaScriptForWP.com20162019
Command Line Power UserWesBos.com20182018
Front End Development, WordPressTreehouse20132016
Associate's Degree in Graphic DesignDelaware County Community College20082011

Licenses & Certifications

Accessibility for Web DesignLinkedIn Learning2018N/A
HIPAA for Business AssociatesOSG Billing Services20162017