New WordPress Themes: The Secret and Facture

New WordPress themes: The Secret and Facture

I am designing and developing 2 new WordPress themes to be released by early 2016. They’re called The Secret and Facture.

I’m excited about creating these new WordPress themes, as they’re the first (of many, hopefully) that I’ve made entirely from scratch that I feel really good about. Other themes I’ve put together for clients based off of Underscores or JointsWP were pretty quick and dirty. I’ve also hacked on plenty of other people’s themes and made child themes, but making something completely new is very fulfilling.

WordPress Themes for Real Businesses

What sets these new WordPress themes apart from a lot of the stuff on the WP repo is that they’re made with real businesses in mind. I have worked on websites for companies across several industries in manufacturing, aerospace, news media, marketing, food, beverage, non-profit, healthcare and many others. I’ve also created several websites for my own projects, and most importantly, I’ve used all of these websites. I’ve added content, moved things around, improved SEO and put in long hours to work with them.

Because a Lot of Business Themes Aren’t Practical

This experience creating and working on websites for several kinds of businesses has given me a unique perspective so that the place I’m coming from when I create new WordPress themes is one of business-first. I’m not making every single element on the page animate as you scroll to it. There’s no parallax scrolling (yet, anyway). I’m not trying to impress other people who make WordPress themes. These are built for real businesses, with features that make sense.

Less Is More

I’ve taken the approach of Keep It Simple, Stupid. The “KISS method” was one of the most valuable things I was taught in design school. These themes should load fast, right out of the box. Typography is beautiful and simple. There’s plenty of white space. These themes are made to look great, but they make your content stand out and look really great. Less really is more.

Except When It Comes to Page Templates

The Secret page templates
The Secret will come with at least 5 page templates. These will include default sidebar, no sidebar, full-width, landing page and full-width landing page.

There will be many page templates available right out of the box. No need to code custom templates in a child theme or buy a premium version. The Secret already has page templates for right side, full width, centered, landing page and full width landing page. This allows a diverse range of ways to present your content.

Built With Foundation

Zurb Foundation responsive design frameworkBoth The Secret and Facture are built with Zurb’s Foundation framework which allows you to go ahead and write with their grid system in the WordPress text editor, if you want to. You don’t need to have ever touched Foundation or even know what it is in order to use these themes, but if you already love and use Foundation regularly, you’ll be happy to know you have the entire Foundation toolbox at your disposal.

If you don’t already know about Foundation, it’s a responsive front-end framework containing easy to use HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you get started with Foundation if you want to check it out.

Free Release Will Be on GitHub and

Github logoThese themes will be free, and available to download on GitHub and the theme repository. The GitHub release will be immediate after development is completed, and the repo will probably take a couple extra months. This is because themes are checked, tested and approved manually by WordPress volunteers, and there’s always more work than there are hands.

WordPress logoFor this reason, I also plan to join the Theme Review Team after finishing these new themes. I’d like to contribute and help the community once I have a good handle on what goes into a full cycle of theme development. If you’re a WordPress developer with theme experience, you really ought to consider joining as well. It’s a great community of people who love to help one another.

Test My Themes and Make Suggestions

While I’m developing these 2 new WordPress themes, you can download them from GitHub and create issues with feedback. You can point out what doesn’t work right, and make suggestions. My work can always be improved with the feedback of others, so don’t hesitate to drop me a note about how I can make them better.

New WordPress themes: The Secret and Facture
New WordPress themes: The Secret and Facture

Please Note: These Themes Are Not Ready for a Production Environment

Free download:

After you download a theme and test it out, be sure to leave a GitHub issue with some feedback, or tweet me @paul_shryock.

More to Come Soon

So I sort of took 2 months off from writing blog posts, and I did a bunch of stuff during that time including getting married, going on a honeymoon, visiting some local churches and getting to know some new people in the area I just moved to.

Now that my wife and I are getting settled in together, I will be back on a schedule of writing regularly. Subscribe for updates in your inbox, and feel free to leave a comment or get in touch.

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