Make Marketing Easier With Backups, Analytics and Email

Make marketing easier with GitHub, Analytics and MailChimp

Launching a finished website can be rewarding and profitable, but what’s next? Learn how to make marketing easier so you can grow your website after a successful launch.

Always keep a backup

One computer backing up a website through the cloud to another computer

You should have your website backed up on a regular basis. One of the worst things that can happen after launching a new website is if your website goes down for some reason. Since you can never predict the future, you should always expect the unexpected.

There are many website backup options available. Some are free, and some cost money, but it’s important to choose what is best for your needs. I use UpdraftPlus Backups to backup WordPress websites to Dropbox.

Version control allows you to step back in time

Calendar showing latest 3 months
With version control, if something breaks, you can undo your mistakes.

Using version control solutions like Git, you can always revert back if needed. This allows you to try new things with confidence. If there’s ever a problem with your code, a working version is still available to use instead.

Github logoTo make using Git simpler, you can store Git repositories online with GitHub. There are even desktop clients available so you don’t have to use the command prompt. There is no longer a good reason to omit version control from your development workflow.

Measure your website growth

Marketing your website is only so effective without tracking and measuring what’s happening. You can make marketing easier by installing website analytics.

Analytics gives you a clear picture of what’s happening

Google Analytics logo

With analytics, you can understand key demographics about website visitors. You’ll also know where your audience is coming from and how they’re using the site. You can also learn which content is popular, and what just isn’t working.

Connect Google Analytics right away

Google AnalyticsAfter launching a finished website, you should sign up for Google Analytics. Connect that with your website using a plugin. For WordPress, you can write a simple custom Analytics plugin. You could also use 3rd party plugins like Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. If your site is static HTML/CSS, insert the Analytics tracking code in every page header.

You don’t have to use Google Analytics. There are plenty of other companies offering analytics services, such as Jetpack’s site stats.

Jetpack logo

The point is to track what’s happening on your website. The sooner you take care of this, the sooner you can look at the data to make informed decisions.

Collect extra insights wherever possible

Google Search Console allows you to “check under the hood” for certain issues. It will alert you if something is wrong that needs fixing, and provides a slew of other helpful tools. Google PageSpeed Insights shows how to speed up your website on all devices.

Searching on the web for analytics and insights tools will provide several options. Just be sure to use something. Collect insights sooner than later so you can track and measure what’s working. This makes your marketing efforts worthwhile and gives you the data necessary to succeed.

Provide great value and give it away for free

This is where many small businesses fail in marketing their business online. They have value to provide their customers, but they’re keeping it to themselves. Give value to your customers and they’ll come back for more. This will make marketing easier in the long run.

Think about it: When you visit a website and get nothing out of it, do you ever come back? No. If you find valuable content online, then you subscribe. Or you buy. Or bookmark for later. You tell your friends.

Your customers are like you; they’re looking for value. If you give away valuable content, you can start a relationship. For example, you might give away a PDF tutorial or video course in exchange for an email address.

Build customer relationships through email

The most effective way to have your content read is to show it to your audience. There are a lot of ways to do this, but email should be your first priority. If you can access people’s inboxes, you’re with them at work, at home and on the go. You’re in people’s pockets, on their phones. Email is effective because people check their inbox.

Have you ever received something you don’t want in your email? Of course. We delete that junk or mark it as spam. And what do we immediately associate with junk mail? Unwanted sales. Everyone’s trying to sell something everywhere you look.

But content that appeals to your readers and solves their problems? That’s valuable, and that gets read.

Extend the invitation to get connected

You need someone’s address and permission to email them. Get this by offering something of value in exchange for an email address. Then follow up by providing value. Don’t sell something right away. Establish trust, and when the timing is right, you can offer even better content or services at a price.

Don’t be shady with email

Laptop sending email in the dark

Whatever you do, don’t betray people’s trust and sell their information or send them a bunch of spam. Don’t send junk that you yourself wouldn’t want to receive.

Choose an email platform

You should never email your readers from a simple mail client like Outlook or Gmail. If everyone’s addresses show up in the cc: field, you’re in trouble. Nobody wants their information shared with the world.

Make marketing easier with MailChimp

Always use an email platform which allows automation, analytics and the ability to unsubscribe. Tools like MailChimp and Aweber are simple to use and make email marketing make sense. They also allow users to subscribe right from your website.

Make marketing easier with these simple steps

Always keep a backup and measure your website growth. Provide great value and give it away for free. Follow these steps and make marketing easier.

Next I will discuss the specifics of outbound and inbound marketing. My next article will cover specific tools, techniques and methods to take these concepts further. Those who subscribe will get this article as soon as it comes out, right in their inbox.

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